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Quantum Socket is a game where you try to insert a USB cable the "right" way into a USB socket. You feel the controller rumble, which gives hints to if the cable is going in the right way. One button turns the cable, other one tries to insert it. Try to connect as many times as you can before the time runs out.

The game requires Windows, a controller (XBox or PS4) and a pretty powerful GPU (development was done with a GTX 1060). The game also requires the Quantum Black Box (QBB) installed on the system. See more info at https://gitlab.utu.fi/matros/quantum-black-box .  QBB provides the randomness on which way the USB cable should be plugged in. The game was developed using Unity and Shadertoy at the Quantum Wheel Game Jam 2019. 


Jere Sanisalo -- Code, Gfx, Design

Antti Svenn -- Code, Design

Jaakko Iisalo -- Audio


QuantumSocket.zip 31 MB

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